Weekend is almost here

Time for a quick post, because I wanted to mention a few things going on.

They are having a launch party tonight at Main Street Books down in old town for Wilfred Bereswill's first novel, A REASON FOR DYING. John Lutz is Wilfred's guest of honor. His website is at http://www.wbereswill.com

There is a concert at Blanchette Park tomorrow night at 7pm. The band is Black Dog and the Rainmakers with special guest Mid-Life Crisis.

Out in New Town, tonight is Movie Night. The free movie being shown in the Amphitheatre is "The Sting". There is also live music at Ruskin O'Briens, but I don't know who is playing. And tomorrow night at 7pm, Pole Position is playing at the Amphitheatre.

Next Saturday (the 26th), is Hot Summer Nights down on Main Street from 6pm-midnight. The live band is Arbogast and they will be playing form 7pm-11pm. Food and drinks are available.

Finally, anyone who's ever watch Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, or just wished they could be Joss Whedon, please check out http://www.drhorrible.com/ It's hillarious, musical, and only showing for a limited time...

Have a great one out there, see you later, bye!

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