4th of July Parade in New Town

The parade at New Town at St. Charles was at 10am on July 4th, 2008. It was actually very cool and we all enjoyed it. We've been to a number of July 4th parades over the years, and we have enjoyed the New Town parade the most. My wife thinks this is a lot closer to the way July 4th parades were when we were kids. Most, if not all, people in the parade live and/or work in New Town or the surrounding area. We considered going down to the Main Street parade in Old Town (the historic district in St. Charles, MO), but we just didn't have time to do both and still be ready for the whole family coming over for BBQ and fireworks.

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missouri_gal said...

Cool! We did the Old Town parade, and then fireworks in New Town. The fireworks were great, and we didn't have to sit in traffic for three hours!