Heading back down the road

Sometimes my life sucks and then sometimes it is so good. The last few months have been a torture in themselves. It has been up and down healthwise. Then the rains and the floods came. Fortunately, most all the floodwaters broke levees to the north of St. Charles. The Elm Point levee finally gave way and flooded a soccer field and farmers' fields. They did have to shut down Truman Road because the waters covered the road at one point. They also shut down Elm Industrial Drive just past the Deerfield Mobile Home Park. But all in all, the waters stayed away from the more populous areas in St. Charles.

July 4th was an awesome holiday this year. I had a chance to see the parade in New Town at St. Charles again this year and it was great. Although, I thought it would have been better with a band or two. Otherwise, all the participants were people that lived in New Town. We didn't have time to go down to Main Street to see the city of St. Charles parade, but I heard that it was great! Everybody that came out to our house managed to have a good time with the BBQ, food, and fireworks display that we could see from the backyard.

On the downside, we received a call the other day from a friend that was being discharged from the hospital. We didn't even know he was in the hospital. Unfortunately, he had reached a feeling that he was trapped in his life, couldn't go anywhere, and didn't feel like he had anywhere to turn. Fortunately, he got help just in time and spent the previous week in the hospital getting things turned around. We picked him up and drove him home. He said he is feeling better than he has in years. He is in line to get into a 30 day treatment center to continue his progress. Since he is planning on moving and getting out of the situation that he is currently in, I think is going to help in the long run. As long as he continues to surround himself with people that care about him and he is in better mental health, we should be able to keep him around for years to come. Life is too short as it is.

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