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Just a quick moment while I've got a program copying up to a virtual machine. Wanted to let you know about an event this weekend, which is not in St. Charles, but over on The Loop.

The Eighth Annual St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase (SLFS) will be held July 19-24, 2008. This event focuses exclusively on the work of local directors and filmmakers, as well as expatriates with strong local connections who have gone on to use their creative talents in other cities. Submissions will be accepted March 1 - May 31, 2008. Please click (here) for basic event and ticket information. Click (here) for full schedule of seminars, films, and film descriptions.

One of the directors (Wyatt Weeds) is a friend from back in the day. His film is Shadowland and will be shown on Sunday at 7pm. The website for the movie is http://www.shadowlandthemovie.com.

Last night, the St. Charles city council approved a blueprint for funding and operating a proposed community recreation center with the nonprofit ShowMe Aquatics and Fitness organization. City voters will get to vote on a bond issue of up to $30 Million on August 5th. If approved, the initial contract will run for 35 years. Among the features would be an indoor water park, an indoor track, four pools, three gyms, a fitness center, water exercise areas and activity centers for teens and older residents. It would also provide a way for Show Me Aquatics to fulfill their mission of providing barrier free access to for disabled people to swimming and other exercise.

Personally, I think it is a great idea. The city has needed a centralized community center and this will provide one with lots of features. It is a bond issue, which means no tax increase. Revenue generated from the center will be used to retire the bonds. The city tried to get a vote on community center last year and it failed because they didn't have a plan. Now they at least have a plan and a lot of specifics spelled out.

Some other good news came yesterday, when oil prices dropped by just over $6 a barrel. Current trading has oil at just under $137 a barrel. Which is still scary for long term prospects. And the financial markets were very jittery yesterday after the IndyMac collapse over the weekend and the Federal Government saying they were going to make sure Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac didn't have any problems. The share prices kept driving downward for them pretty much all day yesterday. This morning there was a report on the news that the stocks for these two companies may have been influenced by illegal stock manipulation in an effort to drive the price down so somebody could buy it at a bargain price. SEC and FBI are looking into it and apparently have a specific company in mind.

At lodge last night, we had our rehearsal for the second part of the third degree. Most all of the members that will be putting on the third degrees in the next couple of weeks have not had parts before. It was a good walk through. We have 2 of them at our next stated communication on Tuesday. If you are a Master Mason and want to stop by and help, the lodge website is at http://www.psrh79.com. The address and directions are there. Or you can drop me a line and I can try to help you find your best route in.

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