An eventful weekend

Life keeps getting in the way of everything. I wasn't feeling well a couple of weeks ago. Ended up with a high fever and the staph infection in my leg coming back to bite me. Fortunately, I caught it early this time and the doctor perscribed some good antibiotics and I spent the next 5 days either on the recliner in the living room or in bed. It was not a very exciting or pain free time. We also received a large quantity of rain which ended up making a lot of our Christmas lights fizzle out.

All that being said, most of last week I was still taking pretty easy. The operative thing is to try and get better as soon as possible. But this past weekend ended up being very busy.

Friday night, my wife and I went to the Scottish Rite Holiday Party, in mid-town St. Louis at the Scottish Rite. I was disappointed that attendance was down this year. However, master Chef Eric Strong, as well as Chef Jim, did an outstanding job with the food. The prime rib was delicious!

Saturday was my parent's surprise 50th anniversary party. We rented one of the upstairs room at Pio's Resturant. We had selected fried chicken breast and pork lion for the entrees. Oh the food was soooo good. And it was great that my parents were able to celebrate with family and friends. I'm glad they were really happy about that. We're looking at renting those rooms again when Mo's parents have their 50th anniversary. I can't say that I've ever had anything that I didn't enjoy at Pio's.

Saturday night was a little hard on me. My wife has been wanting to attend the Journey To Bethlehem at Harvester Church for the past several years, and we just always seem to miss out because of different events going on. We made it this year. There is a lot of walking involved and although it didn't really bother me while we were going through it, later in the evening when we got home my legs and feet had swollen up because I had spent too much time on them. Anyway Journey was great! We'll definitely do it again next year. Hopefully we can find a night where it doesn't rain hard. We ended up being very wet by the time we reached the end.

Sunday we were back down at the Scottish Rite for the Officer Installation. I'm also in the Knights of St. Andrew and we held a knighting ceremony for all members that had not yet been knighted. It was very cool, one of our brothers plays the bagpipes and piped us into the auditorium where we had the ceremony. The officer's for the Four Bodies of the scottish Rite were installed later in the afternoon. And after installation, everybody headed downstairs for another excellent meal.

I'm going to need this week to rest up for another weekend!


Rainy Days

It is a good thing we're in a drought with all the rain we're getting.

Didn't get to do a whole lot tonight. We did have to run out and pick up more extension cords for the Christmas light display. We find that we're needing to move the electrical sources around the house so we don't overload a circuit. We arrived home to see that the front of the house was dark. I figured that the rain was probably most of our problem. Indeed, the GFI circuits keep popping, so somewhere there is a connection that is not dry. We'll have to content ourselves with just the wreaths on the windows tonight. I'll attempt video tomorrow night if all goes well.

I heard from Jeremy, a lodge brother, this evening. His father passed away this morning. That so totally sucks. He didn't have any information to pass along at this point, but I'll make a special effort to head to the wake. I sent out a note to the brethren as soon as I got home to let them know.

I am looking forward to Lodge next Tuesday. My "nephew" doesn't read this blog, nor do I think he even knows of its existance. *chuckle* Anyway, I asked the Worshipful Master if he would mind if I did the Worshipful Master role during the initiation. He agreed to allow me this honor. I have been going over the part now for several weeks. I feel 90% confident that I won't have any serious glitches. I'm really hoping to do it well. Adam is signed up for the Marines and will be heading to bootcamp in January. Only thing that would make this better is that his father, Rob, is also very seriously considering joining the fraternity as well.


working on it

Holy Cow. The day just slipped right by me. There was lots of work to accomplish and though I stayed very busy all day, it just doesn't seem like I got all that much done. I did knock out a big project at work and I got one finished at home. I finally took a break around 7pm and put up more Christmas lights. We're finally almost finished with the outdoor decorations we were planning on putting up this year.

My wife and daughter had dinner on the way home after my daughter's ice skating lesson. It's kind of a "girls night out" that they get every Tuesday. I finally had my dinner around 9pm. Started feeling a bit peckish, so I walked up to Beatniks and had a bowl of chili. They know I like it hot and brought me a bottle of hot sauce and some fresh cut jalapenos. Mmmmmm.

Speaking of Christmas decorations, walking down Hempstead Street in New Town last night was amazing. Seems like almost the entire street is lit up with holiday decorations. Huzzah! I'm hoping to maybe take some video Wednesday night when it may be snowing. I'll post that if I'm able to get out and take it.