Taking the plunge

I am either about to do something that is going to work out well for me or it is something that I'm going to look back, hit myself in the head, and say "What was I thinking?" I have decided, after talking with several friends, sought the advice of financial professionals, and talked to my boss that I am switching from a contractor-employee to a 1099-subcontractor. Whooo. My head is hurting. Anyway, the jury is definitely out on how well this is going to work out. I'm hoping to take on a couple of other clients in addition to my full-time gig. I would really like to be able to save up enough money that we don't have to worry about our plans for adoption. That's whole other story.

Working from home tomorrow because AT&T is coming over to set up a new phone line for me. Gotta love the customer service, they could only promise that the tech would be here sometime between 8am and 8pm. Wow. I'm so totally underwhelmed.

I've got to finish cleaning the basement where the tech is going to have to go and I've got documentation to finish before a teleconference tomorrow morning. Probably not going to get a whole lot of sleep tonight. It just has not been a wonderful couple of weeks, these last couple of weeks. Stress on the job is going to kill me.

One of the things that happened today, which the stress probably didn't help with my reaction, was that I received a bunch of emails from various friends that either loudly proclaim what an evil person Obama is or what an evil person McCain is. I love going to snopes.com to find out the back story. And as with most of the emails of this ilk, whether it is disparaging Obama or McCain (since that seems to be where most of these are aiming now days), most of the claims are spurious at best and racist or religion baiting at worst.

I was just talking with my cousin this morning about this. I feel so very disappointed that here, in the 21st freaking century, that there are people out there putting out *stuff* like this, rather than debating policy, ideas, records, and plans. We should be better than this by now. If nothing else, should we not be the ones to bring a little bit more light to the discussion? In the end, we are all immigrants here, strangers in a strange land of our own making.

Now, if you want a make a joke at the expense of a politician... I'm all for that. ;)

Anyway, it is great that everybody that I work with is cool, my supervisor is cool, and everybody up the ladder is very cool. I have made a lot of friends here and out in D.C. (where the HQ is). If I can just make it through tomorrow, I will be feeling a lot better and hopefully the stress will be greatly reduced. Then of course, it is back to the studying for my part in the third degree we're doing on Tuesday night. And I'm helping with a C2A class at my lodge next Saturday. I'm also waiting to see if I'll be able to help at the Fall Reunion at the Scottish Rite this fall. I'll be going regardless of whether I'm helping to present a degree or if I'm just going to be one of the guys that fills in where necessary. It's all good. I like to help.

And just to let you know, I'm very disappointed I wasn't able to get up to the Domain Street Wine Bar in New Town tonight, because Erin Bode and her band were playing. I helped get some of the chairs out there this afternoon. I was picking up the mail and they looked like they could use an extra hand. Dang, I wish I could have been up there. Oh well, my allergies wouldn't have made it very enjoyable for long.

Maybe I'll have a beer before I head back to the basement. Take it easy out there.

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