Let's have a good week out there...

Looks like great weather this week for those of us fortunate enough to live down here in the St. Charles locale. Yesterday was quite the hot and humid day! Wife wanted to take a trip down to Festival of Little Hills in old town. We were there quite early and the vendors were just opening up. Like most Festival of Little Hills in the past, storm came in during the festival (Friday afternoon) and dumped a bunch of water on the park. So by Sunday the humidity and mud was pretty bad.

Surprisingly, a lot of people were turning out as we wandered about the tents and vendors. About 20 minutes into our walk about, we were totally soaked from sweat. Managed to retreat after about an hour without buying anything. Not that there wasn't anything that I wanted to buy, but with the wife still unemployed we need to keep watching the money. Maybe next year she can buy stuff... if she gets a job.

My wife's mother took our daughter to the Cardinals game and they had a great time, especially with the Cards winning 9-0. She talked about it all evening. She was still so excited about it she ended up being very difficult when we told her it was time for bed.

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