Freedom of Choice

Came across a great blog posting today,  New Urbanism - Freedom of Choice. I agree with much of what the author has posted here. Specifically, "...problem with zoning laws in this country that have had the unintended consequence of leading us to suburban sprawl, a dependence on automobiles, and a loss of opportunities to interact with neighbors..." really nails the current state of affairs that we see around us.

And it doesn't help with a lot of people that think along the same lines start backbiting either. I've seen a lot of this disagreement coming up with the people that are anti-anything that isn't Downtown St. Louis. If you live beyond Highway 270 ring, according to them, you're racist and participating in white-flight. Hmmm. Nope. Sorry. You're absolutely wrong, for all the wrong reasons.

I grew up in St. Charles County. I lived in St. Louis city for nearly 20 years. For that 20 years, nothing much happened to make the schools any better. In fact, I don't think I'm going out on a limb to say that the school situation is now worse than it was when we moved to the city.  Although we've moved to St. Charles, we opted to move into New Town at St. Charles, because we do like the environment and the school district we're in now (Orchard Farm). If you don't want to live here, don't denigrate me for my choice. I had a specific punchlist of items that needed to be met before we made the choice. Likewise you have a similar list for why you are living where you are at.

It is almost as silly as the people that want to complain about a show on television that they don't like. Stop broadcasting! Boycott! Mmm, how about changing the channel or not watching television? Grump grump grump.

Now I'm just going to take my beer out front to the porch and listen to the cicadas sing me a lullaby.

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