Ahoy, Pirates!

We took our daughter down to the St. Louis Science Center today, specifically for the Real Pirates exhibit. We had a great time. They don't allow pictures from inside the exhibit, so I don't have any pictures to post. The took the concept that many of the Titanic exhibits have taken and featured one specific pirate ship and the crew.

It was very educational and showed pirates of the Golden Age of piracy in a new light. Or at least in a new light for me. We ended up spending almost two hours going through the exhibit. Towards the end our six-year-old was just wanting to get through the end (she was somewhat bored). I was having her read all the signs and helping with word pronunciation. She was very happy to learn that there was a type of ship called a "Pink". Pink being her favorite color, of course.

Spectrum is playing at New Town at St Charles tonight. It will be a great show, if you have time to show up. I won't be there because my Mother-In-Law's birthday is today and the family will be gathering for dinner.

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