Feeling hoppy

The weather this morning was FANTASTIC! I just can say how much I've been enjoying getting up in the morning and the temps are under 70F. Woo-hoo!

This afternoon, my wife and I started harvesting the hops I've been growing in the backyard. We lost several of my plants when a neighbor took a trip through our yard into the side of another neighbor's garage.

We've been letting the trellis lay on the ground because it is bent so badly that it is not going to stand straight again and amazingly not all the plants were killed right off. We didn't get that many off it, but we were able to salvage a few.

Essentially, I cut off strands of vine and hops and my wife went through and was pulling the good hops out and throwing away the rest. We ended up with two large grocery bags full. Which isn't bad considering this is only their 2nd year. After we cut down the vines, we're going to have to re-consider how we're going to grow them next year. I'm obviously going to have to get a few more plants to replace the ones that were lost.

The weather looked like it was going to storm all late afternoon, so I worked at a good pace to get all the harvestable hops down before it rained. I don't think it did anything at all last night, rain-wise that is. I'm paying for it this evening, because my allergies are going full-tilt.

Anyway, glad to hear that the St. Charles City Council has taken a step back on giving the mayor a huge pay-raise. Like I've mentioned previously, I do believe that the mayor position is deserving of a pay-raise for everything the office is now responsible for. However, giveing a 40% raise when the city is struggling isn't going to be a good move at this point.

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