Thank God It's Friday!

Good Morning! It's definitely a pleasant morning in St. Charles today. The wind really died down overnight and at 44 degrees F, it wasn't too bad. Of course, if you know me that is shirt sleeve weather. *chuckle* Have a great weekend out there!

A couple of things going on this weekend in St. Charles:

Saturday November 8, 2008
Borromeo Log Church Open House
1:00 - 4:00 PM
Historic 1791 St. Charles Borromeo Log Church
121 Jackson Street
(across from the Gazebo on South Main in the Historic District)

Sunday November 9, 2008
Crescendo Concert Series
3:00 PM
The Jupiter String Quartet
St. Charles Presbyterian Church, 131 Gamble St.
Sponsored by Arts & Culture Commission.

Patt Holt Singers Tribute To Veterans Dinner & Show
4:30 PM
St. Peters Parish Rec Center, 3rd & First Capitol
$15 per person. Active military in uniform free.
Reservations required. (636) 947-0120.
Sponsored by Arts & Culture Commission.

Statistics reported in the Secretary of State’s Web site included the fact that the highest voter turnout in Missouri was in St. Charles County at 77 percent, and the lowest voter turnout was in Dunklin County at 54 percent.

Choice Hotels International Inc. and St. Charles Convention Hospitality signed off on a plan for a Cambria Suites hotel in St. Charles. The hotel is the first Cambria Suites planned for the state of Missouri.

Air Products (NYSE: APD), the worldwide leader in production of gas separation and purification membranes, today announced plans to construct a new production facility in St. Charles, Missouri to increase manufacturing capacity of its full line of PRISM® membrane products. The new facility will increase Air Products' membrane output by over 50 percent. It will provide for state-of-the-art hollow fiber production and module assembly technology across the full range of multiple PRISM membrane offerings. The new plant is to be on-stream in early 2010.

LMI Aerospace Inc. made $5.2 million, or 46 cents per share, in the third quarter, up 24 percent from $4.2 million, or 37 cents per share, a year ago. St. Charles, Mo.-based LMI Aerospace Inc. (Nasdaq: LMIA) provides design engineering services, structural components, assemblies and kits to the aerospace, defense and technology industries.

American Railcar Industries posted a 51 percent increase in profit in the third quarter thanks to demand for tank railcar shipments. St. Charles, Mo.-based American Railcar Industries Inc. (Nasdaq: ARII) is a manufacturer of covered hopper and tank railcars.

The Missouri Baptist University men’s wrestling team started their season Saturday with the 2008 Lindenwood Open in St. Charles, Missouri. The open included wrestlers from twelve different schools in ten different weight divisions. Included in these schools were NAIA ranked #1 Lindenwood, #3 McKendree, #5 Missouri Valley, #10 Oklahoma City and #16 Missouri Baptist.

The Culver-Stockton College volleyball team will have to beat the best right from the start if they are to win the Heart of America Athletic Conference postseason tournament. The Wildcats drew the eighth seed and will play top-seeded and 12th-ranked Lindenwood University in the quarterfinals on Saturday, Nov. 8, in St. Charles, Mo. Game time is scheduled for 2 p.m.

The Hannibal High School football team faced its share of athletic quarterbacks this season, but St. Charles West's Brannon Champagne topped them all. Champagne ran around and through the Hannibal defense for more than 300 total yards in a 47-21 victory in Wednesday's Class 4 regional game. He rushed for 262 yards and four touchdowns, while passing for 77 yards and two more scores to eliminate the Pirates from the postseason.

SARA - Security Auditor’s Research Assistant - Network Analysis Tool
This tool has been around for a LONG time in some form or another, some of you old-skool guys may remember a package called SATAN, this was the best semi-automatic security analysis tool around back then. From SATAN and it’s development came SARA, which is now in it’s 3rd generation.

Flaw in VMware's CPU emulation allows privilege elevation
The problem is caused by a trap flag processing flaw. The vendor has released an update to fix the vulnerability

Only two security updates for upcoming MS patch day
The software giant gives a 'critical' rating to a vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services 3.0 that allows remote code execution

Adobe eliminates vulnerability in ColdFusion
A security fix eliminates a vulnerability that allows an attacker to circumvent access restrictions on the server

AMD Lines Up Partners for Launch of 45-Nm 'Shanghai' Processor
Advanced Micro Devices is beginning to line up a number of smaller server system vendors as the first customers to start using AMD's 45-nanometer processor, code-named Shanghai. This AMD Opteron processor is expected to officially hit the market in late November, with server vendors offering new systems by the end of 2008.

Obama Urged to Take Immediate Cyber-security Steps
President-elect Barack Obama has promised to appoint a national cyber-security adviser. According to a report by the Defense Science Board, the cyber-security czar will inherit a civilian and military information infrastructure that is ill-prepared for advanced cyber-attacks, such as denial of service and malicious modification of information.

Google's Matt Cutts Aims to Fight Virtual Blight
The world of Web 2.0, forged by the millions of users flocking to popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg, is proving to be a fertile breeding ground for spammers, vandals and hackers who want to exploit the trust implicit in this ecosystem.

Feature films coming to YouTube
YouTube will begin offering feature films produced by at least one of the biggest Hollywood movie studios possibly as early as next month, according to an executive with a major entertainment company.

Bloggers getting bigger and messier - But not in the way you think...
Blog front pages are now large pages of images and scripts rather than the pared-down text pages of old.

Elon Musk's SpaceX offers non-ISS spaceship
PayPal multihecamillionaire Elon Musk's rocket company, SpaceX, has announced that it will fly a genuinely private-sector space mission - including return to Earth - as soon as 2010.

AMD beats drum for Shanghai surprise
Struggling x64 chip maker Advanced Micro Devices has told platform suppliers it's a good time to talk about the imminent launch of "Shanghai," a 45 nanometer implementation of its quad-core Opteron chips for servers and workstations.

Martial law planned for Craigslist's red-light district
Craigslist's free-wheeling red-light district is about to get a lot tamer under strict new measures announced Thursday designed to rein in prostitution and other illegal services.

FBI drops hammer on AMD employee charged with stealing Intel documents
A former Intel engineer is getting slapped with additional charges for allegedly stealing sensitive documents from the chip maker after secretly jumping ship to AMD.

L.A. engineers cop to traffic system sabotage
Two traffic engineers for the City of Los Angeles have admitted they illegally disrupted the computer system that controls traffic lights just prior to a 2006 union action related to contract negotiations with the city.

Microsoft 'interested' in open source browser: Ballmer
Microsoft has given its most ringing endorsement of open source Web browsers to date with chief executive officer Steve Ballmer not ruling out adopting such technology as an alternative to its own popular Internet Explorer, saying it is "interesting".

Microsoft Probably Not Really Considering WebKit For IE
Next to chanting ‘developers, developers, developers’ once again at a Sydney developer conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has stated that he thought the idea of using open source application framework WebKit as the rendering engine for Internet Explorer (and its mobile counterpart) was “interesting” and that the company “may look at that.”

I want my iTV
At the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Summit conference in San Francisco, a context switch from Web 2.0 to cloud computing is well under way. Wired’s Kevin Kelly suggested a variation of the Semantic Web where pages give way to the data on the pages, with each of those chunks representing real objects in physical space, or a Kelly said, anything that can hold an electric charge.

AT&T-sanctioned 3G tethering on the way for iPhone
In an interview with Michael Arrington at the Web 2.0 Summit, AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph De La Vega let it be known that an official, AT&T sanctioned method of using the iPhone as a 3G modem for a laptop is on the way “soon”.

Obama Picks Tech Guru Genachowski For Transition Team
Recruitment of the attorney-technocrat is consistent with Obama's stated goal of having technology play a key role in his administratio

Google Co-Founder Larry Page Giddy For White Spaces
The technical executive of the search engine said utilizing white spaces is good for the country, and it could increase the company's revenue by as much as 30%.

WinHEC: Windows Server 2008 R2 Pushes Processor Limits
Windows Server 2008 R2 got the lion's share of attention on Thursday at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Los Angeles, starting with a keynote by Microsoft exec Bill Laing.

U.S. Navy Salutes Wave Energy Tech With A $3 Million Contract
The US Navy has awarded Ocean Power Technologies a $3 million contract for participation in the second phase of its Deep Water Active Detection Systems (”DWADS”) program.

Energy Agency warns of 6 °C rise in temperatures
Our voracious appetite for energy is potentially putting the planet on the path for a 6°C rise in temperatures – which is far more than what climate specialists say the environment can cope with.

Yes! It's the Darth Vader breakfast toaster
We’ve no idea what Darth Vader eats* for breakfast, but even those strong with the Sith need a good start to the day if they’re to defeat the Jedi and overthrow the Republic. So, thankfully, a Star Wars toaster’s been invented.

Cheap laptop batteries: Good deal or risky business?
In our tests, aftermarket notebook cells match the originals' specs and run just as long while costing significantly less. But if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Microsoft: Windows 7 will run on SSD netbooks
Netbooks equipped with solid-state drives (SSD) sporting as little as 16GB of storage capacity will be able to comfortably run Windows 7, Microsoft Corp. said on Thursday.

Panasonic shares sag ahead of expected Sanyo deal
Shares of Japanese electronics maker Panasonic Corp. fell 8 percent ahead of an expected announcement later on Friday (Nov. 7) of its plans to take over smaller rival Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.

New MacBook Pros, recent iMacs grappling with flaky wireless
An erratic yet ongoing problem has seen recent iMacs, and now Apple's late 2008 MacBook Pros, affected by frequent Wi-Fi dropouts with no clear solution.

Upgrade kits boost MacBook, MacBook Pro memory to 6GB
An Apple solutions provider on Thursday announced a family of memory upgrades for existing and previous generation MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks that raise the maximum RAM limitation from 4GB to 6GB.

AT&T squeezes 18Mbps U-verse DSL out of last-mile copper
AT&T has announced its attempt to keep up with its competitors' rollouts of fiber and fast cable connections. Its U-verse Max 18 package will allow download speeds of up to 18Mbps, but the company is still bumping up against the limits of copper wiring—not to mention its competitors' 50Mbps offerings.

Battered, but not broken: understanding the WPA crack
WiFi security takes a hit with the disclosure of an effective exploit for small packets encrypted with the TKIP flavor of WiFi Protected Access. The technique is fiendishly clever; the security solution, simple: switch to AES-only in WPA2.

Change.gov you can believe in?
Less than 48 hours after winning the presidential election, Barack Obama launches a transition Web site at Change.gov.

Activision financials show reliance on WoW, GH cash cows
Activision Blizzard may have suffered some losses due to the bumps in merging the two companies, but a reliance on huge franchises that continue to sell means things are looking good for the software giant. With an onslaught of sequels and updates, however, gamers may tire of the company's key titles.

3D Printer Feeds On Paper and Glue
The two 3D models you see above are made from office paper. The one on the right cost $1 in parts to produce. The one on the left, just 37¢. They were spat out by a new 3D printer

Ford loses $129 million
Quarterly red ink swells to nearly $3 billion on operating basis. More job on tap cuts as Ford looks to sell assets, eyes equity-for-debt swaps.

Large job losses expected for October
Economists predict 210,000 jobs lost — the most since March 2003.

Disney profit down on Lehman charge
Higher expenses and less-successful films combine with a charge for bad debt from bankrupt investment bank put profit 13% lower.

Chinese hack into White House network
Chinese hackers have penetrated the White House computer network on multiple occasions, and obtained e-mails between government officials, a senior US official told the Financial Times

US stocks plummet on grim economic outlook
Wal-Mart bucks mood with sales rise


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