Black Friday

We didn't take any pictures of the parade (memory card was full and Mo didn't realize). But we enjoyed ourselves. Only problem was when the breeze would pick up and you could really feel the cold. We had to walk about 6 blocks from where we parked the van to the spot where the parade started. It got underway at 8:45am and was done at about 10:50. Munchkin really wants to be a cheerleader when she gets bigger (oh boy). A couple of interesting notes, the balloons were down one street kind of far. They called for "Buzz the Astronaut" balloon to move up and it didn't move. They called again and told them to run (they did that for several balloons before the rest caught on). We saw John Gonzalez and the Boy Scout troop working a Christmas ornament balloon. We said "Hi" and they all ran around in a circle to make the ornament spin. And Santa was the last float in the parade. They had problems with the reindeer not working right at the last moment before they pulled into the parade. It took them a couple of minutes before they pulled into line.

Here are a few links from KMOV-TV to some of the marching bands that were in the parade (ah, the memories of marching in freezing weather):

Belleville East Marching Band
Bayless Marching Band
Mater Dei High School Band
De Soto High Marching Band
Ritenour High School Marching Band
Windsor High Marching Band
Mehville Marching Band
Fox C-6 Honor Band

Today, I had to get up at my regular time and then off to work, like normal. Mo has other plans and is hitting the stores this morning for the little bit of Christmas shopping that still needs to be done. Pretty good Thanksgiving yesterday, not a whole lot of family drama. Which was definitely a plus. Would have enjoyed it more, if I had not had another migraine along with sinus issues in the late afternoon, which left me feeling ill and out of sorts all evening. Still feeling headache this morning and lots of drainage (I know you don't really want to know). Gah! The pain. Oh, the pain.

Our munchkin was really good yesterday, only got a little bit of food on herself and behaved pretty good considering she was tired. She went home with mama and papa last night, so Mo could do her shopping this morning. I won't get to see them tonight as I have to go to work the part-time job at BB tonight, and I expect they will be having dinner with mama and papa. On schedule at BB for 6pm - 1am. *sigh* And have to work tomorrow 6pm-10pm. Hours have really been cut though. Once again, I lose out on holiday hours. This time due to the bad economy. Which, all things considered, I would rather lose out due to bad economy than to illness again. Getting sick during the holidays really sucks.

Don't forget about St. Charles Christmas Traditions starting today at 11am at the Gazebo in Kister Park when Santa arrives via horse drawn carriage! From the official website, "Christmas sparkles each year in historic St. Charles, Missouri during our one-of-a-kind Christmas Traditions festival. While you're making holiday plans, escape to an old-fashioned Christmas with storybook characters, Victorian Carolers, and Santas from around the world." The official website has the dates and times when activities are running.

Also, on Saturday Nov 29, Overland-Occidental #623 is having a Pancake Breakfast (10770 Page Overland, MO 63114) 7am-11am. All you can eat for just $5.00! And Farmington Lodge #132 (221 West Columbia, Farmington, MO) is having a Pancake and Sausage Breakfast 7am-10am. Cost is $5 and includes your drink too. Arrive early and help them prepare breakfast if you'd like. Mmmmmmmmmmm, pancakes...

I saw this in the news this morning. According to an AP news report, the rapper Nelly is teaming up producer Jermaine Dupri to host the third annual Black and White Ball. The event will be used to announce a new scholarship program which will provide full tuition for two students from the St. Louis area to attend Lindenwood University.

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