Saturday Morning

It's Saturday! Woot! Listening to some music while my daughter is reading books. It's all good. :) Unfortunately, I'm going to have to spend the evening at my part-time job today, no rest for the weary. We went over to Toys-R-Us last night to help Santa figure out just what presents the little one wants. She had already gone through the toy catalog and circled a bunch of stuff, but we've been telling her she can't expect everything. She doesn't play with everything she currently has. But the big thing this year appears to be Barbie stuff. To go along with all the other dolls she has. She is such a girl. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm really anticipating having a horrible time when she gets into her teens and decides that she is ready for dating. Or rather, anybody she brings home is going to have a very, very difficult time explaining themselves to me. *evil grin*

Number 1 daughter is very smart (if you've met her, you'll probably agree) in a lot of things for a four-year-old. Of course, she really hates it when I go all geek and try to give the full out scientific explaination for things, like "why is the sky blue" or "why is grass green". Wife doesn't think it's funny either. *sigh*

By the way, if you get the chance head over to the Americana Rock Mix blog and take a listen to their podcasts. I really liked episode 21.

Country Club Limousine has Hummer of a year

Country Club Limousine made a name for itself two years ago as one of the few places in the metro area that rents a stretch limo Hummer.

“You’d expect to find these in Miami or Los Angeles, but they’re right here,” said co-owner Vince Schneider.

Missouri Gov-elect Jay Nixon names chief of staff, transition director

Missouri Gov.-elect Jay Nixon took the first steps toward setting up his administration Friday, picking a trusted aide as chief of staff and a St. Louis lawyer with national ties as transition director.

Nixon, legislature prepare for new session

Lawmakers from both parties have selected new leaders to take the helm in the Missouri General Assembly, and Gov.-elect Jay Nixon has assembled a team to guide his administration.

Log church replica to be dedicated in St. Charles

The city's South Main Street historic district has a new attraction: a log replica of the circa-1791 St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church.

Casino limit loss unexpectedly lifted

Gamblers hitting Missouri casinos Friday night found they could risk all they wanted.

Thousands hit in broad Web hack

Hackers have launched a massive Web hacking campaign, putting malicious links on as many as 10,000 servers, security vendor Kaspersky Lab warned Friday.

"We're estimating that in the last two days alone, between 2,000 and 10,000 servers, mainly Western European and American ones, have been hacked," Kaspersky wrote on its Web site Friday, "It's not yet clear who's doing this."

WPA Cracked - additional details

Yesterday, fellow handler Joel provided an early warning about the recently announced WPA Crack. Although we won't know all the technical details until next week (at least in whitepaper or presentation format), I tried to provide some light about this issue on my personal blog, RaDaJo. It is important to highlight that PoC exploit code is available.

The recomendation is simple: Migrate to WPA2! If for any reason you cannot do it before finishing reading this post, check some of the quick mitigation recommendations (like reducing the renew key interval; please, test it before making the change on your production environment), and increase your wireless detection stance and check for multiple MIC failure messages.

Vmware patches

Vmware have released more patches. One is a new advisory, the other is an update.

VMSA-2008-0018 VMware Hosted products and patches for ESX and ESXi

VMSA-2008-0016.1 VMware Hosted products, VirtualCenter Update 3 and patches for ESX and ESXi resolve multiple security issues

As Vmware has become an important part of our infrastructure we have to collectively ensure that we deploy and maintain virtual systems in a secure fashion. Which included design, architecture, patching, and hardening.

Express Scripts Reports Extortion over Data Breach

Express Scripts said it immediately notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating, and it notified the customers named in the letter last week.

Crooks threaten to expose data on millions at benefits firm

Data thieves are threatening to expose the personal details of millions of patients of a major pharmacy benefit management firm unless the company pays up.

Microsoft reports new malware attacking vulnerability

Microsoft has reported 'strong deployments' of the MS08-067 Security Bulletin.

Songbird's Quest to Be a Music Player of a Different Feather

There is one universal truth in desktop computing, regardless of operating system: There are more music players out there than you'd be inclined to try (never mind use) on a regular basis. Some focus on the simpler, basic functions, and others strive for improved music and media management and delivery. A few of these players achieve their goals and gain a loyal user base. More fall short and get lost in the noise. New music players, then, need something distinctive (that's well developed and delivered) to draw new users, and keep them coming back.

How Companies Are Using IT To Spot Innovative Ideas

Tools like prediction markets and online voting can't replace internal innovation processes. But they can open a new channel.

Tech Sector May Be Next In Restructuring Wave

Purchases of computer hardware, software and services have already been affected by the global credit crisis.

Honda Shows Off Latest Assisted-Walking Gadget

The device is designed to reduce stress on people's knees and help them up stairs and stay in crouching positions, which might be particularly helpful to people on assembly lines or in factories.

H-1B Visa Reform Takes Shape to Address Fraud, Procedural Nightmares

In the wake of a report claiming up to 20 percent of H-1B applicants may be fraudulent, the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services will look more closely at H-1B visa applications.

Hackers Target Patched Adobe Reader Flaw

Hackers have begun exploiting a vulnerability affecting versions of Adobe Reader. The bug was patched earlier this week.

Microsoft: Windows 7 ready for Christmas 2009

Windows 7 in time for Christmas? No, not this Christmas - but Christmas 2009. Microsoft has reportedly told PC and systems engineering partners Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista, will be on PCs in time for the next holiday season.

Inmate hacked prison network, broke into employee database

A former prison inmate has been arrested and charged with hacking the facility's computer network, stealing personal details of more than 1,100 prison employees and making them available to fellow inmates.

Stronger Paloma hits Caymans on way to Cuba

Hurricane Paloma became an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm Saturday morning, raising the specter of destroyed buildings, downed trees and flooded streets in the Cayman Islands, Cuba and beyond.

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