working on it

Holy Cow. The day just slipped right by me. There was lots of work to accomplish and though I stayed very busy all day, it just doesn't seem like I got all that much done. I did knock out a big project at work and I got one finished at home. I finally took a break around 7pm and put up more Christmas lights. We're finally almost finished with the outdoor decorations we were planning on putting up this year.

My wife and daughter had dinner on the way home after my daughter's ice skating lesson. It's kind of a "girls night out" that they get every Tuesday. I finally had my dinner around 9pm. Started feeling a bit peckish, so I walked up to Beatniks and had a bowl of chili. They know I like it hot and brought me a bottle of hot sauce and some fresh cut jalapenos. Mmmmmm.

Speaking of Christmas decorations, walking down Hempstead Street in New Town last night was amazing. Seems like almost the entire street is lit up with holiday decorations. Huzzah! I'm hoping to maybe take some video Wednesday night when it may be snowing. I'll post that if I'm able to get out and take it.

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