Christmas Lights and Season

It's been a difficult year to say the least. My father had another stroke on March 22, 2009. It was a bad one and it took a lot out of him. He was in the hospital for 2 months and in rehab center for about another month after that. He probably should have stayed longer in the rehab, but because his insurance ran out. He put 38 years in at GM and GM has basically told all the retirees that they're worthless and cut off their insurance. Of course, the executives never did have to pay the piper for the dance until this year, but that is another rant. Anyway, my father is on Medicare and the insurance ran out but he was well enough to go home. It has been a very long year for both my parents.

A lot of people in New Town worked during the nice weather over the past two weekends to get up a whole lot of Christmas lights. If you come over to New Town, Hempstead Street seems to have the majority of lights (at this time).

Fortunately a lot of people are getting into the "Spirit" of Christmas. From a group of people deciding to have a Christmas House Tour in New Town to raise money for charity to a group of friends deciding to adopt 4 families for the holidays. We may not do the Christmas cookie exchange this year, but we're all putting a lot of love out there.

If you live in the New Town at St. Charles area, the New Town Organic Farm is offering free delivery of trees to your door. Just come over and talk to Nate and Angie. It was very cool to see Nate going through town on his tractor that has been decorated with Christmas lights delivering trees. It is something to check out, if you have time.

'Christmas Traditions' has returned to Historic Main Street. Main Street St. Charles celebrates with an old-fashioned Christmas filled with storybook characters, Victorian Carolers and Santas from around the world! It’s a perfect holiday experience for everyone! New this year is the Holiday Skating Rink located down in Frontier Park. It will be open all days the Christmas Traditions Festival is active. For those with children, be sure to come out on Saturday mornings when Santa arrives on Main Street in a horse-drawn carriage. We're hoping to be there this weekend, weather and time permitting.

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