Super Duper Tuesday

It comes down to this, 24 states holding primaries and caucuses which will help determine the direction and face of the democrats and republicans in the 2008 Presidential race. I can’t say that I personally lean one way or the other. It is your civic duty to gather as much information about the candidates as you can and then determine for yourself who is the person that most reflects your views and attitudes. Voting should never be a “pick a hole at random” type of thing. It’s much more serious than that and you should definitely take it as such.

Locally in St. Charles, there are a few issues on the ballot besides the primary in Weldon Springs, Lake St. Louis, and Wentzville. But the only thing I have going on in the district I live in is the Presidential Primary. I’ll be heading to the polling place after work, since they don’t open quite early enough for me to vote before work. It’s raining like crazy out there and I hope that doesn’t keep people away. It always seems embarrassing to me, that in this land of democracy and liberty, we usually have fewer than 30% of eligible voters participate. Then again, maybe I’m just crazy like that.

It is anybody’s guess who will win the nominations. You can’t go by the pollsters or the exit polls. You’ll just have to wait until the results are counted. Election results for St. Charles county can be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/37nbhe. The Secretary of State’s office for the state of Missouri hasn’t yet updated a page to show the election results for the state.

Get out there and vote.

Update #1: Just received an email from the Secretary of States office and they will have a link up on their website later this afternoon and live at 7pm.

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